Commercial Landscapes

In 2012 we won the softworks contract for the Crawter's Brook Park, at Manor Royal in Crawley which required the planting of semi-mature trees and associated landscaping and this year we worked on the Pocket Park corner of the A23.

This was an fascinating project designed by Sion Thaysen who had reserved the trees at Hilliers Nursery. They had a girth of 80-100cm and weighed approximately 3 tons.

Unloading, moving and planting the trees needed meticulous planning to avoid damaging them. Our planting pits are square, significantly larger than the rootballs and back filled with high quality topsoil. However, they must not be deeper than the rootball to avoid settling and should not be planted with compost or feed.I much prefer Platipus underground anchors, even on smaller trees as traditional stakes are rarely maintained and support the trunk rather than the root ball which can damage the tree as it grows.

A greater understanding of root systems and new anchoring products mean that establishment rates are much higher than in the past plus a huge range of specimen trees of all sizes are now available.

I have recently added some photos of a second Pocket Park which we planted trees and turfed earlier this Year